Frequently Asked Questions

Are we part of the URI full-time faculty union?

No. URI part-time faculty have their own union, with their own collective bargaining agreement, constitution and officers. The part-time faculty union and the full-time faculty union are two independent chapters.

Are all part-time faculty at URI included in the bargaining unit?

No. Inclusion in the bargaining unit is automatic and is based upon the completion of two courses during two calendar years and thereafter teach an average of one course per calendar year averaged over a two calendar year block of time. The sequence of courses and time frames are presented in the schematic attached to Article I, Maintenance of Bargaining Unit Status.

If I am included in the Bargaining Unit am I also a member of the URI/PTFU?

No. Although you are represented by URI/PTFU, you are not automatically a member in the PTFU. Membership in PTFU requires that you sign a membership form to become a member of the union. This membership entitles PTFU chapter members to participate in local chapter activities including: the right to hold union office, the right to vote on internal union matters, the right to serve on union standing and ad hoc committees, the right to participate in internal union matters, and the right to participate in all membership voting. To fill out a membership card, click here.

Can I review my personnel file?

Article VIII of the contract provides the opportunity for you to review your personnel file at any time. You are entitled to make copies of any documents in the file and you may also add information or documents to the file. If you wish, you may ask a PTFU representative to be present when you review your file.

How is my salary determined?

Article XI, "Salaries," stipulates the minimum salary you will receive for teaching a course on any URI campus. Decide your PTF level and then determine where your course falls on the per-credit salary chart. If you're teaching a 4 credit course, multiply the number in the chart by four. This is the minimum salary you will be paid. As indicated in the Contact, the University may always pay more than the minimum salary.

Is there a Grievance Procedure in the Contract?

The Union contract includes a formal procedure for part-time faculty to file a grievance against unfair practices. The grievance procedure is found in Article XIII of the contract. A grievance must violate some specific provision of the Contract. As the Agreement states: "A grievance means any difference or dispute between the Board and the Association or between the Board and any employee with respect to the interpretation, application, or violation of any of the provisions of the Agreement." Because filing a grievance has step-by-step procedures, with deadlines, it is important to contact URI PTFU as soon as a grievance occurs-it is important to start the clock right away. Individuals often file grievances, but a group of faculty, or PTFU as a whole, can also file grievances when multiple faculty are affected.

Who negotiates PTFU contracts?

The membership of the URI Part-Time Faculty United union determines its own proposals and selects its own negotiating committee to meet with representatives from the RI Council on Post Secondary Education to work out terms of a collective bargaining agreement. The entire PTFU membership is asked to vote "yes" or "no" on the terms and conditions of a proposed collective bargaining agreement.

Are there work-related entitlements provided for in the contract?

Work-related entitlements stipulated in the contact include access to: office space, parking privileges, email accounts, direct deposit, staff support and service, instructional media facilities, and use of duplicating equipment.

Other provisions include: Academic Freedom; seniority rights (time-in-service) based upon the number of 3 credit courses you have taught from 1996 to the present; and salary based advancement levels from PTF I through PTF III which carry with them higher salary increments at each level.

At what other universities have part-time faculty formed unions?

Part-time faculty have formed collective bargaining unions across the country including: City University of New York, Emerson College in Boston, University of Maine, New York University, Rutgers, University of San Francisco, Roosevelt University in Chicago, Columbia College, the New School, George Washington University, Syracuse University, and many others.

How can I help support the URI Part-Time Faculty United union (URI/PTFU)?

The strength of the URI Part-Time Faculty United union rests with its membership. We urge you to become an active participant in union activities. Only union members can cast ballots in union officer elections, contract ratification votes, and run for union office. If you want to vote on union issues, you have to be a paid member of the Union. If you are not a voting member of the URI PTFU, please join today. The membership card is available here.

Where is the URI PTFU office located?

The PTFU Union office is located in Room 119, Rodman Hall, 94 W Alumni Avenue on the main campus in Kingston. You may contact the PTFU office at: Tel: 874-4481; Email: